Raghavendra’s Analysis: Learn Invent Teach Mathematics In Just One method.

Raghavendra’s Analysis is the only method, which gives best new solutions for various problems in just one method. It gives the Eye to see the secrets in the numbers. World’s fastest methods to convert numbers, first real derivation for number series formula, etc.  invented using Raghavendra’s Analysis. It makes extremely complex derivations very easy even for small kids also.

Mathematics study start with learning of numbers. But in the curriculum, only thought how to write numbers but never thought the mathematics inside the numbers. Hence, the present education systems become blind, foundationless and very week. Even after studying 10-15 years of mathematics, majority students feel they are not good in mathematics.

Only Raghavendra’s Analysis teaches the mathematics inside the numbers in just few lines. It gives power to everyone to easily invent thousands of great solutions using Raghavendra’s Analysis. Hence, every student becomes inventor-researcher easily which was not possible even if they give 10-15 years of common mathematics education.

Raghavendra’s Analysis is the only real method to derive the formula for sum of geometric progression, natural numbers, squares, cubes, etc. All older methods derivation starts directly taking the answer and byherting formulas.

Teaching just one new method, i.e., Raghavendra’s Analysis helps the students to study and understand lots of important mathematical concepts in-depth, which is not possible with any other methods.

New number system, new arithmetic operations, several new methods to invent formula, etc. are developed using Raghavendra’s Analysis. The solutions developed using Raghavendra’s Analysis are also extremely useful in technological and other applications.

Teaching formula derivation using Raghavendra’s Analysis not only gives answer, it also helps to learn various concepts of algebra and numbers in depth.

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