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Real Derivations For Series (New) 


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Most Surprising Division

Now rapidly Divide any number by 9,99, 999, etc. just doing only addition calculations.

Experience the joy of doing division without doing any divisions from Number System book. The book also contains amazing derivations to automatically get formulas.


Sum Of Natural Numbers

   Raghavendra's analysis is the one and only TRUE algebraic method to derive formulas for finding sums of:

a + ar + ar2 + ar3 + ...+ arn-1 (GP)

1 + 2 + 3 + . . . + n

12 + 22 + 32 + . . . + n2  

13 + 23 + 33 + . . . + netc.

So what method you want Learn?


Can You Imagine This?

    Can you imagine to do the following calculations rapidly just learning one method?

   Derive formulas to find sums Geometric progression, sums of natural numbers, first n squares, cubes, sum of odd numbers, breaking one series into sums of other series, converting one series to another, deriving formulas for finding sums of different types of series, derive 5 more new methods for rapid converting decimal number to binary, octal, hexadecimal etc. and vice versa., developing new and easy methods for binary, octal, etc. arithmetic operations, develop new number system, arithmetic operations, developing methods to convert decimal number to binary, binary arithmetic operations in normal calculator, etc.

   Difficult to believe that different problems of different chapters possible to be solved in one method? 'Raghavendra's Analysis' the new invention made possible all these very easily using only kids level mathematics calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of some small numbers.

Easy Intelligent Math Or Difficult poor Math? Only Two choices! Change To New Or Follow the Failed Ways. 


Raghavendra's Analysis

   List of Series Sums formulas Derived Using Raghavend's Analysis.Click Here.

   List of new and fastest number system conversion methods invented (derived) using Raghavendra's analysis. Click Here.

   Name of New Number System and Arithmetic operations invented using Raghavendra's analysis.

1. Decimal Coded Binary Number System

2. Hetero Base Arithmetic Operations


Our Challenge

   Presently students are learning answers getting neat tricks as mathematics. Because their teachers teaches that lessons without telling the them the truth.

   Learning Raghavendra's analysis is must needed to study or teach derivations for formulas to find sums of Geometric progression,  sums of first n natural numbers, squares, cubes, etc.

   So for those who wants to learn or teach true math, there is only one choice; that is Raghavendra's Analysis. Its Time for students to demand or learn Real and Quality math education. Aware Now


How to write a program to convert any decimal number (+ve or -ve) to binary, octal and vice versa using only one formula?

   Using 'Quotient method' a new formula invented using Raghavendra's analysis gives the algorithm to write the said program easily. The research book also contains extremely powerful formulas to easily develop several verities of useful software.  


Begining Of NEW ERA In Math

Is mathematics is difficult? Or mathematics has difficulties? 

The truth is that mathematics is very easy and intresting when its problems can be solved mathematically!. But several top important problems in Number System  don't have algebraic solutions. Hence, it needs to use bundles of tricks, formulas and unrelated caculations, unrelated terms just for simple calculations also. This is the difficult problem that the mathematics is facing and if we solve its problem first, then mathematics learning will become more intresting, easy and also highly useful.

Unfortunately answer getting tricks are teached as mathematics to students and this truth is only known to few people who did search for real mathematics. This blind education system is the true reason behind for the negative opinions about the mathematics education.

The Professors and Teachers can only help to students to understand the tricks but not the math for such cases.

The solutions for blind number system education is only in innovation; and a big research project started to in the year 2001 by Raghavendra Lingayya independently and in the year 2009 the biggest victory against blind mathemats education is published in the format of book: NUMBER SYSTEM: AUTOMATICS ALGEBRAIC SOLUTIONS which gave the AK-47 in the hands of students to get easy and fast success against terror mathematics; where they before used full bag of verities of stones to fight againtst terror mathematics. 


1 > 10 here

The Number System research book destroyed centuries old poor learning system. It provides completely new way for learning and solving Number System problems. It introduces high-quality solutions to easily understand various concepts of algebra, number system and arithmetic operations.

If one learned 10 old difficult methods in many hours, then he can solve only few problems but just by learning one new method (i.e., Raghavendra's analysis) from the research book number system, he can solve several important problems automatically. Imagine how much the world can save time, money and papers when the whole world started to Learn Raghavendra's analysis.


Best Time to To Learn New Mathematics

The present education system learning is similar like, it just tells us what are the types of stones need to  throw to get  Mangoes (Solution) at different trees and places. The sad thing is is that no one do not know why to through only that said stones to get that mangoes and how they get mangoes. If they forgot which are the stones need to throw to which mango, then it is not possible to get the mango.

But Raghavendra's analysis gives the most advanced, most simple, most powerful and most easy to remember solutions which no one get anywhere else. It teaches how to shoot the mango (get solution) instead of giving selected stones. There is almost nothing to remember in Raghavendra's analysis.

Collecting these heavy stones to get mangoes not gives any joy of getting the mangoes. It mainly helps to only get only Marks. After time passes students forgot methods (Stones) and only remember their pain in learning mathematics. So its time to decide what to Learn? Billions of students followed this painful and poor path because of no other choice. That's nothing wrong at that time. But now have the Right way to Learn Number System. The right book is in just a click.

The Number System research book is a great opportunities for students to learn most powerful, extremely easy and most amazing mathematics; the one and only way for teachers and professors to provide real number system education to the their students who believed that their teacher teaches best; biggest opportunities for Universities, School, education boards and computer and related education providers to remove students golden time wasting the poor, blind Number System curriculum. The Number System Research Book is a very serious matter for Government and curriculum  developers and related persons, because its their duty to provide the quality education for millions of students. 










































Right Decision To Reach Right Destination In Right Time



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Which is the one and only Genuine method to derive formulas for finding sums of Geometric progression, first n natural numbers, squares, cubes, etc.?


What a surprise? If many numbers are added to one number, the total not changes! How?

Learn DCB(New) number system!


Is it Possible to do binary arithmetic operations including fractions in a normal calculator?

   Yes, using "Add method" even children can do these just like playing games.

   Note 1 : It is not possible to do fractional parts calculation of binary arithmetic operations top scientific calculator; but "Add Method" makes this possible even in normal calculator.

  Note 2 : "Add Method" is the new method introduced to math  from "Number System" text. 


Headache, Tension from Math Virus?

   Get Freedom from lots of terror solutions, complex formulas and calculations just by learning one method Raghavendra's Analysis.


Kids Vs College Students

   Kids easily learned and solved Higher education level complex problems faster than University students. "Raghavendra's analysis" is the secret behind this shocking news. 


Kick Terror Math Before It Harms

   Learning or By hearting the poor and  terror answer getting solutions makes heavy damages in the students mind resulting them to accept foundationless thoughts without thinking. Only Raghavendra's Analysis opens students eyes to explore the useful truth and secrets of the number system. 



   This book consists of ample of invaluable information's which help the students to a great extent. This book aims primarily to creat intrest in students. Read More



    Number System: Automatic Algebraic Solutions is an innovative text that introduces high quality methods for easily learning various concepts of numner system.

Number System: Automatic Algebraic Solutions: is the must book for true and high quality education. No other book can provide better and fast solutions than this. 

Are You Ready For The Next Generation Mathematics?

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