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Most Surprising Division

Now rapidly Divide any number by 9,99, 999, etc. just doing only addition calculations.

Experience the joy of doing division without doing any divisions from Number System book. The book also contains amazing derivations to automatically get formulas.


Sum Of Natural Numbers

   Raghavendra's analysis is the one and only TRUE algebraic method to derive formulas for finding sums of:

a + ar + ar2 + ar3 + ...+ arn-1 (GP)

1 + 2 + 3 + . . . + n

12 + 22 + 32 + . . . + n2  

13 + 23 + 33 + . . . + netc.

So what method you want Learn?


Can You Imagine This?

    Can you imagine to do the following calculations rapidly just learning one method?

   Derive formulas to find sums Geometric progression, sums of natural numbers, first n squares, cubes, sum of odd numbers, breaking one series into sums of other series, converting one series to another, deriving formulas for finding sums of different types of series, derive 5 more new methods for rapid converting decimal number to binary, octal, hexadecimal etc. and vice versa., developing new and easy methods for binary, octal, etc. arithmetic operations, develop new number system, arithmetic operations, developing methods to convert decimal number to binary, binary arithmetic operations in normal calculator, etc.

   Difficult to believe that different problems of different chapters possible to be solved in one method? 'Raghavendra's Analysis' the new invention made possible all these very easily using only kids level mathematics calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of some small numbers.

Easy Intelligent Math Or Difficult poor Math? Only Two choices! Change To New Or Follow the Failed Ways. 


Raghavendra's Analysis

   List of Series Sums formulas Derived Using Raghavend's Analysis.Click Here.

   List of new and fastest number system conversion methods invented (derived) using Raghavendra's analysis. Click Here.

   Name of New Number System and Arithmetic operations invented using Raghavendra's analysis.

1. Decimal Coded Binary Number System

2. Hetero Base Arithmetic Operations


Our Challenge

   Presently students are learning answers getting neat tricks as mathematics. Because their teachers teaches that lessons without telling the them the truth.

   Learning Raghavendra's analysis is must needed to study or teach derivations for formulas to find sums of Geometric progression,  sums of first n natural numbers, squares, cubes, etc.

   So for those who wants to learn or teach true math, there is only one choice; that is Raghavendra's Analysis. Its Time for students to demand or learn Real and Quality math education. Aware Now


How to write a program to convert any decimal number (+ve or -ve) to binary, octal and vice versa using only one formula?

   Using 'Quotient method' a new formula invented using Raghavendra's analysis gives the algorithm to write the said program easily. The research book also contains extremely powerful formulas to easily develop several verities of useful software.  





It’s the right time for the government of every country and states to take action to remove foolish, terror, blind and mental illness causing old mathematical solutions (Needed to By heart steps to learn or teach these mathematics).  Because, now there is no needed of such poor standard methods for number system or algebra education. The pure research text Number System: Automatic Algebraic Solutions gives first time real algebraic solutions for several types of problems in just one method.

Presently students are learning very big solutions just to solve one problem. This means learning and practicing just one-two method it requires few hours and tens of pages just for one student. But, he can only understand how to get answer and not understand why to do that steps and how the answer came. Normally students learn these terror methods just for getting marks and forgot completely soon; thus result is total loss of energy, time and paper and other resources.

Even though if students learns such complex solutions, using that knowledge he cannot solve other similar problems. But, the research book Number system by Raghavendra Lingayya gives very easy solutions in 1-2 lines; where same problem other methods requires 1-2 pages calculations; and just learning that 1-2 line solutions helps to solve infinite number of important problems related to mathematics and computer science, where other methods helps to solve only 1-2 problems.

Other than Raghavendra’s Analysis, there are no algebraic derivations to derive formulas to find sums of geometric progression, first n natural numbers, squares, cubes, etc. So it requires to learn Raghavendra’s Analysis in order to derive these important formulas algebraically; which saves students time and energy.

The derivations using Raghavendra’s analysis is so simple so that it can be easily learned by below class 5 students; whereas same derivations are difficult for degree level students also. Raghavendra’s analysis gives formulas derivations in just 1-2 lines which include only simple addition, subtraction, etc. of small numbers; where same derivations the other method requires difficult formulas, complex calculations, by hearting tricks, and different methods; which naturally cause negative opinions about mathematics.

Just learning one method Raghavendra’s Analysis is lots of advantages and applications. It changes blind mathematics class into innovation class room, which makes every student to scientist. If they learned to solve one problem using Raghavendra’s Analysis, then it is not required to teach several different solutions; since, just using that method student can easily solve other problems; but same is impossible if they learned other than Raghavendra’s Analysis.

Number System conversion methods are added in the syllabus of all level education in the subject of mathematics, computer science, basic electronics, etc.; but nowhere teaches how these methods derived. Students forgot these methods not able to convert numbers from one base ot other. But Raghavendra’s Analysis not only gives derivations for 5-6 new number system conversions methods; the methods derived using raghavendra’s analysis has lots of advantages over existing methods. The new number system conversion methods converts numbers from one base to another several times fast than any other methods; also these methods are also useful in binary, octal, etc. arithmetic operations and also useful for software development.    

New number system and arithmetic operations are also introduced to mathematics from this research text; which is developed using Raghavendra’s analysis. These methods are very useful to implement in the syllabus of mathematics and computer education.

We provide ideas and recommendations about which are methods are useful to implement in the syllabus of different level of education; based on the research. We break the rules by teaching higher secondary and degree level complex solutions to below class students; where we also succeeded in creating true interest in mathematics and research in school level students. 

So it’s a great chance for government to take quick action to save students from blind education for the development of country; there is no doubt that millions students will miss great mathematics if there is late or wrong decision; which is nothing but cheating the students by continuing crime mathematics.

It hardly takes few seconds to know which is best and which is worst after reading few lines of this research text. After reading Number System research text several students did come to know what they misguided by teachers because of blind mathematics education system in the curriculum. So it’s time to kick mathematics crime.

Below are the articles about how this book useful for different levels of education and development of science and technology.


Higher Education

Secondary Education

 High School

 Elementary Education

 Competitive Exams

 Teachers & Professors

 Parents & Guardians

 Research & Development

 Computer Education

 Software Development

 Future Technology



Research Book Description (Many Vs One)








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Higher Education


Secondary Education


High School


Elementary Education


Competitive Exams


Teachers & Professors


Parents & Guardians


Research & Development


Computer Education


Software Development


Future Technology




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Which is the one and only Genuine method to derive formulas for finding sums of Geometric progression, first n natural numbers, squares, cubes, etc.?


What a surprise? If many numbers are added to one number, the total not changes! How?

Learn DCB(New) number system!


Is it Possible to do binary arithmetic operations including fractions in a normal calculator?

   Yes, using "Add method" even children can do these just like playing games.

   Note 1 : It is not possible to do fractional parts calculation of binary arithmetic operations top scientific calculator; but "Add Method" makes this possible even in normal calculator.

  Note 2 : "Add Method" is the new method introduced to math  from "Number System" text. 


Headache, Tension from Math Virus?

   Get Freedom from lots of terror solutions, complex formulas and calculations just by learning one method Raghavendra's Analysis.


Kids Vs College Students

   Kids easily learned and solved Higher education level complex problems faster than University students. "Raghavendra's analysis" is the secret behind this shocking news. 


Kick Terror Math Before It Harms

   Learning or By hearting the poor and  terror answer getting solutions makes heavy damages in the students mind resulting them to accept foundationless thoughts without thinking. Only Raghavendra's Analysis opens students eyes to explore the useful truth and secrets of the number system. 



   This book consists of ample of invaluable information's which help the students to a great extent. This book aims primarily to creat intrest in students. Read More



    Number System: Automatic Algebraic Solutions is an innovative text that introduces high quality methods for easily learning various concepts of numner system.

Number System: Automatic Algebraic Solutions: is the must book for true and high quality education. No other book can provide better and fast solutions than this. 

Are You Ready For The Next Generation Mathematics?

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