• Evaluation of Raghavendra’s Analysis
  • Dear Raghavendra Lingayya

    SCERT Himachal Pradesh got evaluated your research work with the help of its existing research faculty. It is a good innovative research work in the field of number system. Raghavendra Analysis provides  best alternative, simple and easy solutions  to solve some  complicated algebraic problems. This council recommends that NCERT should sincerely think to incorporate R-Analysis in the school curriculum at appropriate level.

    I wish wide spread recognition of Raghavendra’s Analysis and hope you will carry forward your research analysis at higher levels.

    Meera Walia
    SCERT(State Council of Educational Research & Training
    ) H.P

  • Foreword
  • This book consists of ample of invaluable and useful information’s which help the students to a great extent. This book aims primarily to create interest in students.
  • Author has explained each and every concept with suitable examples in such a manner that the reader can understand the concepts very easily without any ambiguity.
  • Raghavendra’s analysis (R-analysis) is a worth and useful book in deriving formula for finding out sums of the series and converting one series into sum of two different series. That is, this master piece helps a lot in breaking the series, converting one series into sum of two different series, converting each term into a series, converting any decimal number into binary, octal, etc.
  • R-Analysis is the only derivation which contains direct analysis on pure numbers. It is the only method which includes clear and direct steps in derivations and every steps in it also helps to the deep study of several important innovative concepts in that problem.
  • The book shows several innovative easy ways to convert many extremely complex calculations to small and simple. It skips many big derivations almost by providing several answers just from one advanced derivation. Learning one simple derivation using R-analysis is more powerful and useful in understating the subject than learning several other derivations.
  • It involves simple and excellent methods for calculating divisions and multiplications more rapidly. It provides new and simple formulae which are not said in Vedic mathematics. Emphasis is given to compactness, preciseness of concepts and correctness of facts.
  • I wish him all the best for his excellent inventions.
  • Sri Satish Vaman Naik                                                                                              Lecturer in mathematics    Government Pre-University College     Honnavar

IISC Professor’s Review
• It contains not only new formulas, the book
also consists new topics which are new to
mathematics. It contains analysis which i
am searching for my research. Raghavendra’s
analysis has very wide applications
and useful for the development of future
technologies .
• Professor, Nanotechnology
Indian Institute of science (IISC) BAngalore

Rank Student review

  • I must say this is a wonderful book on mathematics. I can assure that there is no book in this
    world which explain all derivations using a single method which is robust and also very simple.
    The author has put so much research work and applied his immense knowledge to give R’ Analysis (
    Raghavendra’s Analysis) to the world of mathematics. R’analysis is less time consuming, easy to remember and very powerful method.
    This book is very useful for students of all categories. Not only this, the methods involving divisions, base conversion of numbers, series..
    etc are Undoubtedly amazing and students will definitely find it very easy to follow. This is simply the best book where every student must have it.


All India Gate Rank 40

Student Review

  • Raghavendra’s-analysis has to be firstly introduced in school because school is foundation, if it is comes in class X then it will be continued in class XI and XII for all; in the first  itself the subject became difficult, then it will feel like boring; if the it easy then the subject becomes interesting; the using of Raghavendra’s-analysis decreases the higher problems complexity.
  • Class 12 Science Student.